“It must be something about your [email protected]*@y that keeps attracting aint sh!t niggas”.

I was thinking of lately how I see so many black women saying how no good black men are. I take the Katt Willimas approach on this subject. “It must be something about your [email protected]*@y that keeps attracting aint sh!t niggas”.  If that is all you meet then It’s your mindset that attracts those kind.

Perhaps if you were a little sweeter with your feminine essence, a bit more lady like you would attract good men. A guy told me the other night that guys play games with me. He was probably surprised when I told him that I don’t have one single man in my life who plays games with me. Everyone adores me. Why? Because these are the type of men I thought into my life. I wanted good black men. I felt I deserved to meet good black men and I believed that they existed. Therefore the universe made it become.

Good Black Men are hard to find so when you get one please do appreciate him.  They have to go out in the world and deal with so much, and still stand tall and be a man. He doesn’t need you nagging him and belittling him when he gets home from a strenuous job. If you don’t usually tell your man he is the bomb, start telling him this month.

THIS ONLY APPLIES TO THE GOOD ONES.. THE BAD ONES.. PHUCK EM! And again, yes there are a lot of bad ones. Yes you will meet bad ones regardless. But you must be aware that good black men do exist.. They are just hard as hell to find.. You might have to check the crevices.. 


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