15 Signs That He Must Display to be Considered A Good Black Man

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Choose the wrong mate and you may as well  lay next to a boa constrictor. A smart woman learns how to choose her mate wisely! Most women learn how to choose a man the hard way; they go through a gut wrenching string of emotionally detached males, jerks, pimps, thugs and players. Choosing those types and hoping for the best is like falling into water filled with piranhas and expecting them not to eat you. 

Don’t become one of those heart broken and bitter women! Learn how to properly choose a mate before it’s too late! The woman in the mirror will graciously thank you. Good men are everywhere. You have to learn how to spot them.

15 Traits That a Good Man will Display 

#1Ask a man what his vision is…his purpose for his life. If he either can’t answer or gets offended at the question, he isn’t ready. No man needs a partner when there is no assignment.  Sometimes women try to give men a vision, but this vision is something he must have on his own. Only then may he need a woman help his bring his vision into fruition.

#2 – He states that he wants to be in a committed relationship. No matter how good you cook, clean, pamper him or sex him if he is not ready to be in a relationship NOTHING you do will change that. If he says he is only looking for friends he means that.

#3 – Ask him about the previous women in his life (his mother, his sisters and his Ex). If the word “bitch” shows up anywhere in the conversation, let him go. If it’s clear his mother’s opinion will mean more than yours, let him go.  He must be ready and able to “leave” the past to be able to “cleave” to you.

#4 – A man that has any intentions of being a good mate to you does not pressure you for sex when he meets you. You are not a car; if you meet a man who wants to test drive your physical body, emotions and feelings, point him to a car dealership, bid him adios and don’t look back!

#5 – Ask him whom he admires. Ask him why. If his answers are admirable people, you’re fine. Men aspire to become like the men they respect. If he doesn’t have anyone he looks up to, he doesn’t have anyone he’s afraid to disappoint.  (“Jesus” is NOT an acceptable answer.)  Every man needs someone in his life whom he doesn’t want to let down.  If he still says “no one” then I’d be concerned that he’s too full of pride to be a good leader.  If he says he admires Bishop Don Magic Juan or Pimpkin Ken then surely you can’t expect that he will treat you well.

#6 – Ask him what he sees in YOU. It’s okay if his first answer speaks to your allure – men are visual.  However, he must see some of who God has created you to be in order to relate to you properly. He will not protect what he does not value.  Being a protector is a big part of what you want in a good man.

#7 – He keeps his promises. If your potential mate does such things as: promises to call you but doesn’t, makes dates and breaks them, shows up late or plays games with your emotions; take notes ladies… those are clear cut warning signs that he DOES NOT value you, he DOES NOT love you and he DOES NOT care about you! A good black man is a man of his word. He says what he means and means what he says. His word is his bond.                               Pages: 2

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