Erica Mena Fights Her Baby Daddy and Throws Down on Love & Hip Hop

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Wow. This Erica Mena chick is a rough one.  She is a video model who used to work at DASH and got fired by Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian.

Last night the model/ singer  made her debut on the VH1 reality show Love & Hip-Hop and she wasted no time making a name for herself.  As soon as she sat down and met fellow model, Kimbella, it was on.

Erica began taking shots at Juelz’ girl and her family. Erica accused her of not being a real model. Saying she did spots for free and made it hard for real models.  A drink was thrown and the hair pulling started.. It was a full on Brawl.  

After that I spotted a video of Erica fighting her baby daddy Raul Conde who is a member of Fat Joe’s Terror Squad.  After the fight she once again asked “Where’s my phone?”

Erica Mena fight’s Kimbella on Love & Hip Hop

Erica attacks her Baby Daddy

I’m just wondering how you feel about this chick Erica?


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