Man Marries His Dead Girlfriend During Her Funeral


Until Death do Us part….

But a Thailand man took the saying a step further.  Chadil Defy of Thailand, and his  girlfriend  of ten years  Sarinya “Anne” Kamsook were planning to get married  after he finished school , but the unthinkable happen.  Sarinya suddenly died in a tragic accident.


Chadil decided to give his girlfriend what she wanted even in death, his hand in married. During her funeral ceremony Chadil gently read his vows and placed a ring on her finger, while she was  laying in her casket. Some of this friends and family found the ceremony strange, but others just seen it as a man showing his unconditional love.  I don’t mean to be cold,  but  why did he have to wait until her death, she did give him ten years…  (Chadil posted pictures and a video of the Ceremony on his Facebook Page)