Ray Edwards Of The Atlanta Falcons Dishes On His Break-up With Stripper Girlfriend

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Recently Atlanta Falcons NFL player Ray Edwards broke things off with his girlfriend LaStarya shortly after being featured in Urban Ink Magazine.

It’s no secret that his curvaceous ex girlfriend was a stripper. Baller Alert hit up Ray Edwards to see why he choose such a woman to be with.. He dished on his breakup, his modeling career and how he chooses women.

You recently broke up with your girlfriend who was a stripper, do you find in your profession that you attract women of certain occupations more than others?

No, not at all. I feel like I attract women of all occupations. She was just someone who caught my eye and I wanted to see how a relationship would go. It was going well there, for a minute, but then you know, it went south.

On if he would date a stripper again: 
I don’t know. It’s all about whoever God sends me. That’s my outlook on those types of things.

On how a woman should go about getting his attention:
Just come introduce yourself. I mean, that’s how I approach women. Just introduce yourself and if I feel like it can go forward, I don’t have a problem with that. If not, I will politely decline.

On where he usually meets women:
I really don’t party that much. I might go out every once in a while. I’m usually at the movies, bowling alley, comedy shows and concerts. That’s where you can usually find me. I’m a laid back kind of guy.

On How he differentiates between regular women and groupies:
When your team mates say “Oh, I know ol’ girl” or more than a couple of guys know who she is then you know that okay, she’s a groupie.

On if he would choose to pass on a woman who has been labeled a groupie:
It depends …if they just know her then that’s okay but if she smashed the homies like Ray J says, it can’t really go any further then I just being friends and hanging out.

On his modeling career:
Everyone always told me I should model. I figured hey, why not try it out since everyone thought I should do it. I love modeling, it’s fun. I’m starting my own company now and hopefully the right people will see my pictures and offer me a modeling contract.

On if he had dreams of playing in the NFL as a youth:

 I knew I had to play something professionally because I never wanted to live paycheck to paycheck or work a 9 to 5.

Advice to those persuing a professional sports career:
Put hard work and dedication into it. Ignore the negativity. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. I heard a lot of negativity coming up. You’ll also have to make a lot of sacrifices. I don’t have a lot of friends right now because my friends were going down the wrong path.

On his Super Bowl Sunday Pick:
I gotta go with the NFC. I got the Giants!

Ray Edwards enjoys the simple things in life like guns, his pit bull and raising his newborn. He seems like a sweet, simple guy.  But Lawd Bless His heart, That Man is fione! To see the entire interview click here