President Obama Puts A Heckler In Check: “Don’t Interrupt My Conversation”

Earlier this week President Barack Obama spoke at a rally at Ohia State University. He ended up having to put a heckler in check.

As Obama began his speech detailing the lies of past presidential candidates, including the lie that some used telling the public if they were voted into office it would result in low gas prices forever. Obama was in the middle of telling folks to stop following for the same lies over and over again when a heckler repeatedly kept yelling out about a book that he had coming out.

We all know Barack to be a very humble, polite man but he became annoyed and decided to put the book peddling heckler in his place.

“Sir, I’m here to speak to these folks, you can hold your own rally. You’re being rude. We’re trying to talk to these people. I’ll be happy to read your book. If you want to give me your book, I’d be happy to read it but don’t interrupt my conversation with these folks. Alright? Alright?

Show me some courtesy. Alright? Show me some courtesy, I’ll be happy to take your book but don’t interrupt everybody else. Alright? Now where was I…”

What type of President politely scolds people  and still offers to read their book – only Barack Obama.. Love that man.  This would not be the first time Obama had to tell a heckler to shut up. 

Still no President has ever been disrespected at the level that George Bush was after having a shoe thrown at him. (But don’t forget they beat the h-e double hockey sticks out of the guy who threw it.)




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