Whitney Covers Rolling Stone Magazine–The History of Black Females to Grace the Cover

Yes that’s right. Whitney Houston  is known to be a history maker. She makes history again, being only the 7th African American female to cover the Rolling Stones magazine multiple times . Its no secret that Rolling Stones magazine rarely have African American artists to grace the cover.  Its even  rarer that  the magazine  find any opportunity to cover African American females artists . The magazine is more kind to hip-hop male artists like Lil Wanye, Jay Z , Kanye West , and Snoop who have covered the magazine multiple times.

This came to my attention when I saw Whitney on the Cover, and I thought , well this is a rare feat to see an black female on the cover. So I decided to do a little research .This month Whitney Covers the magazine, as a tribute issue of her death.  Whitney has been in the industry for over thirty years and this will be only her second time covering the magazine, and she had to die for that.  This makes her only the Seventh African American female artist in the magazine  45 year  history  (founded in  1967) with around  550 covers , to cover the magazine multiple times .  Below is a little history of other African –American females  that  have graced the cover of Rolling Stones:

Whitney First Covered the Magazine Back in 1993, during her BodyGuard Era.

 Diana Ross was the 1st black  female to cover the magazine solo back in 1972.

Diana Graced the cover for a second time.

 Tina Turner has been featured on the cover solo , 3 times in her over 50 year career .

Tina and Ike also graced the cover together, back in 1971 when they were a duo act.


Janet Jackson First Appeared on the Cover, back in the early  80s at the beginning of her career.

Janet Jackson Covers the magazine for the 2nd back in 1993 at the height of her career, with 1 of the magazines most popular and best selling covers.

 Beyonce first cover the magazine with her group Destiny Child back in 1998.

She covered the magazine  two more times as a solo artist.

 Beyonce also shared a double cover edition with her Hubby, Jay -Z

Mariah Carey  has covered the magazine 3 times  in her 25 year career .

 Alicia Keys also covered the Magazine multiple times.

   Rihanna got her first and only cover to date in 2011.

 Aretha finally made the cover in 2008, after being in the game for over 50 years . 

Alicia Keys, Missy Elliot, and Eve share the cover together.

Lauryn Hill graced the cover during the success of her “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” album

Lisa Bonet is the only Non-Musican African-American female to cover the magazine back in 1988


 Donna Summer Covered the Rolling Stones During the Disco Era