The Reason Nicki Minaj Deleted Her Twitter Account

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Fans are really upset that Nicki Minaj deleted her twitter account..  Keyshia Cole deleted hers a few weeks ago and her fans didn’t seem to be that upset.. They considered maybe she just needed a break to focus on working on her album.. But Nicki Minaj’s fans are literally in tears.. The Kenz and Barbz live for Nicki’s every word.  They are demanding justice and that Nicki hear their cries and revive her account ASAP!

The drama all started when her biggest fan site Nicki Daily posted a a minute snippet of a song from Nicki’s Roman Reloaded album.  Most fans site never post leaked songs of the artist but for some reason Nicki Daily chose to post the snippet. Nicki was completely appalled by the site’s action and banned Nicki Daily from twitter.  Some of Nicki’s fans flew into a rage against Nicki Daily and others hurled insults at Nicki instead telling her that she was in the wrong for banning a site that’s been spending time and money out of their own pocket to run a Nicki Minaj fansite.

Nicki posted a few tweets and a warning shot before finally telling her 11 Million Followers to kick rocks.. DELETE DELETE DELETE  ..

Check her last three tweets before the deletion. 

Fans were extremely pissed at Nicki Daily and completely went HAM with nasty replies causing Nicki Daily to delete their account and place a CLOSED sign on the website’s landing page.

Some fans think that Nicki is simply upset by the fans who were tweeting her telling her they didn’t like her new album or the fact that she was attempting to cross over and abandon her core fanbase.. 

Nicki has reached historic unprecedented heights of success in the rap game for females.. There is a lot of pressure surmounting on the rapper and it’s understandable why she experienced a slight break down..   When Nicki was younger yearning to be a rapper she never understood why celebrities did drugs. That’s up until she became a star herself.

In a segment on her album titled “Press Conference” Minaj spoke about the pressures of being a celebrity.

“It’s very hard, mentally, this (expletive) is draining. For you to be able to get up there and do music that people love, and do interviews with a smile on your face and act like this (expletive) ain’t getting to you, it’s draining,” Minaj said. “It’s crazy. That’s why so many artists go on drugs or become alcoholics.”

Minaj described the spiritual battle that takes place when chasing fame.

“..You get here and you are like, ‘Lord is this the price I have to pay if I really want this,’” she questioned. “He’s like, ‘yup, now let’s see who really want it.‘”

When things are brewing inside it’s always the tiniest thing that finally makes you explode.. I’m sure Nicki will be back soon..  Maybe then she will even make friends with Kim.. Until then they can just follow Rihanna.. She’s hella entertaining..