Black Grandmom Falsely Accused of Shoplifting Wins $105,000 From H&M


Brenda Moaning

Lately┬áthere has been a rash of stores hauling┬áAfrican American’s┬áin the back claiming that they committed theft. ┬áThese false identifications and accusations have been very prevalent in the media. ┬áMost recently, a 59-year-old African-American woman was awarded $105,000 by an Oregon jury after being falsely accused of shoplifting at an H&M store.

Just like the teenager at Barney’s in New York, Brenda Moaning says that although she had all receipts for the items in her bag,┬á she was yanked into a backroom by her arm like a common crook.In 2011 Brenda Moaning ┬áentered an H&M store at Clackamas Town Center in Oregon.. Security cameras immediately zoomed in on the well dressed woman and committed to following her around the store. ┬áBefore she left the H&M branch┬áshe would be hauled into the back room by loss prevention officers. ┬áClick on Page 2 Below to continue reading.┬á


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