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10 Top Microphone Manufacturers in the World In 2022


Imagine if each year and had to create an annual listing of the top ten companies in your industry and the top ten companies were at the top every year Imagine that, due to their consistent excellence throughout time, they continuously provided regular and avid consumers with the latest technology they wanted which helped them to grow their businesses and build a bigger fan base.

It’s the situation in the case of microphone makers. Certain of these firms have proven themselves to be the leaders in the area, and control the majority of the world’s supply of microphones and, let us tell that they aren’t planning to drop their top ten positions anytime soon.

But who exactly are they and how do they manage to keep their heads above water each year? Let’s discover.


10 Top Microphone Manufacturers in the World In 2022

In the field of microphones, no one can do it more effectively than SHURE. They’re the top microphone manufacturer, providing many tens or even many thousands of customers with microphones.

With an extensive list of microphones and other audio equipment, SHURE turned their almost-a-hundred-year-old company into a global phenomenon several years ago, when podcasting became mainstream and Many of the most famous name podcasters such as Joe Rogan, use the SHURE microphones.

2. Sennheiser

10 Top Microphone Manufacturers in the World In 2022

Sennheiser is known for its high-quality audio equipment, which costs with a price tag of $50,000 that requires an amp and just a few minutes to get heated however, they’re also regarded to be among the best reputable wireless microphone manufacturers around the globe.

But what most people do not know is that Sennheiser was not founded as a headphone or speaker manufacturer. In fact, their initial product was a DM1 microphone, which is contrary to what we believe today it was actually a microphone company. Sennheiser was initially an audio company.

3. Audio Technica

10 Top Microphone Manufacturers in the World In 2022

Audio Technica is another company that is well-known for its high-end audio devices as well as microphones. They started their climb to notoriety by producing cartridges for phonographs that were used on gramophones.

These days, Audio Technica is most well-known for its amazing-sounding open-back headphones, however, the AT, as well as ATR series microphones, have been a huge hit over the last few years The list of products that are coming from the company is impressive which is why it should not be surprising that they’re on the top of our list of choices.


10 Top Microphone Manufacturers in the World In 2022

“RODE the NT1” is considered to be among the most superior condenser microphones that have ever been created, which is the reason why people still believe RODE as the most prestigious condenser microphone producer and This isn’t one of the leading manufacturers.

In addition to NT 1, RODE also became famous for their small and large diaphragm condenser microphones as well as shotgun microphones such as RODE VideoMic Shotgun R, Additionally the Australian business has gained a huge fan base in the streaming and gaming sector that in this time and age is a huge area to be in.


10 Top Microphone Manufacturers in the World In 2022

SYNCO is among the most renowned microphone makers in China. With such a huge market that it shouldn’t be unsurprising that they’re in the top five on our list. But it’s not only the size of their market that makes their company so prominent and that’s their extensive catalog as well as the quality of their products.

Starting with wireless Clip-on G Series microphones, over D Series broadcast microphones, up towards V Series condenser microphones – SYNCO provides a product to all and Their V Series V10 microphones are often regarded as being among the top in regards to value for money in both enthusiast and the general public.

6. Blue

10 Top Microphone Manufacturers in the World In 2022

In comparison to other names in our list, BLUE is a fairly young company, however regardless of its years of existence, BLUE has found a method to become one of the most well-known manufacturing companies on the planet through streaming, YouTube, and podcasting.

Don’t get confused – BLUE does not have anything to do with blue. Actually, it’s an abbreviation that stands for Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics – an ode to Latvian-born creator Martins Saulespurens.

Returning in time to YouTube or podcasting you can’t be a YouTube podcaster, particularly during the beginning when you didn’t begin your journey with a Blue Yeti microphone and It was a non-written rule.

7. AKG

10 Top Microphone Manufacturers in the World In 2022

AKG or Akustische and Kino-Generate Gesellschaft (what an evocative name, isn’t it?) is a different business from Germany similar to Sennheiser are known by their equipment for audio and But unlike Sennheiser AKG’s core products were related to movies, such as light meters and projectors.

The company later started to study acoustics a little further in what proved to be a smart business decision. In the year 2010, AKG was awarded a Grammy for their contribution in the field of art as well as the science of recording music and performance, confirming their position among the top audio and microphone producers.

8. Neuman

10 Top Microphone Manufacturers in the World In 2022

It is clear by the title, again, we’re blessed with German technology behind the quality of microphones. Neuman is among the oldest brands in the world and audio producers, whose humble beginnings were rooted in the phonograph record-cutting machine and custom audio production equipment used by broadcast stations as well as theatres and concert halls.

Although it is an older model in age than Sennheiser, Neuman became a part of the Sennheiser group in the 90s’ early years, which was the start of a new phase for the company and From then on, Neuman became one of the best microphone manufacturers in the world with products such as U 47, U 87 as well as KMS 105.

9. Behringer

10 Top Microphone Manufacturers in the World In 2022

Behringer is yet another relatively young company that makes the top 10 list. It was established in 1989. What’s unique about Behringer is that it’s a German company started by a Swiss sound engineer, with its manufacturing headquarters in China.

The guitar amps they make are notable mixing boards, guitar amps as well as the digital pianos they make, Behringer was not a well-known brand in the world of microphones for a few years, since the introduction of their iconic ECM C-3 and 8000 microphones, they’ve established their place as one of leading manufacturers in the industry.

10. Yoga

10 Top Microphone Manufacturers in the World In 2022

The manufacturer of yoga microphones Contrary to what many believe is not the only one to make microphones specifically designed to be used for yoga and Taiwanese microphone maker actually has an extensive range of various microphones ranging starting with boom mics and going up to microphones you wear when you practice yoga.


You’ve got it. This is our top ten list of the top and most well-known microphone makers.

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