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1337x Proxy List Updated in 2022


1337x: With the development of several torrent sites, it has become simple for users to download movies, software, and games. Peer-to-peer sharing of expensive software, files, applications, and games has become more common thanks to torrent sites. However, the government has taken down some of the best websites due to copyright and cyber law violations. And some of the greatest torrent websites, such as KickAss, The Pirate Bay, and Extratorrent, are more severely impacted by this move.

One of the most popular torrent sites taken down by authorities is The 1337x. Many nations, notably the United Kingdom and Australia, have blocked 1337x.

But wait, don’t be frustrated if your original domain-named website is unavailable. Some proxy or mirror websites function similarly to 1337x; they might not be replicas of the original site but do virtually the same functions.

Users are familiar with these new proxy websites, and they are not far from the 1337x torrent website of a loved one. The 1337x websites have a lot of competition.

Below, I’ve included the websites that will be the most effective substitutes for the 1337x website.

Disclaimer: We merely mention the torrent sites below for informational purposes; we do not encourage or advocate using copyrighted content.

Clone 1337x Sites For 2022 (Completely Working)


  10. 1337x

The Number Of Mirror Sites Will Increase To 1337x In 2022

When you can’t reach the real 1337x site, there are several mirror sites you can access. If your ISP restricts 1337x in your location, we’ve listed a list of mirror websites.


The Most Popular 1337x Torrent Alternatives For 2022

Do not worry if you cannot access or use any of the torrent websites listed above. In addition to torrent websites, applications, video games, and software websites offer torrent downloads. For downloading torrents, you can access 1337x options by utilizing a VPN.

1. The best 1337x substitute is The Pirates Bay

Users of Pirates Bay are known for using P-P innovation to get files. But we have substitute pirate bay proxy websites if the pirate bay is unavailable or blocked in your location.

2. Torrent 1337x option 2Kickass Torrents

Among its users, KickassTorrent is one of the most popular torrent websites on the planet and has seen a fair amount of police scrutiny. Users of torrent websites have consistently been able to create a functioning domain for Kickass Torrent. KickAss torrent websites have competition.

3. RARBG – A torrent website to use when does not work

Because of how easy it is to access the website and the wide selection of easily available torrents, Some torrent users favor the Rarbg torrent search engine. When such sites are unavailable for whatever reason, we advise using this 1337x torrent alternative.

4. The YTS

Users of YTS like watching movies; it is a well-known movie torrenting website.

 After The Pirates Bay, YTS receives the second-highest volume of traffic.

It was introduced in 2011 and is mostly used by users to watch movies. You can find everything here, whether it’s an older classic or something brand-new.

5. The TorLock

The website is the safest to visit.

It was introduced in 2010, has since operated without incident, and has encountered few prohibitions. Only a few nations, including Australia, India, and the UK, have outlawed Tor Lock. And consumers in other nations can readily utilize it.

The biggest feature of TorLock is that it offers safe downloads of files without worrying about malware transfer and is the safest torrent service. TorLock appreciates the users that discover and report fraudulent torrents on the website.

Use 1337x Proxy Sites with VPN

Please use a VPN if you intend to access 1337x proxy websites. Because when you use a VPN in conjunction with a proxy website, your original IP address is hidden, and you are protected from potential viruses or threats.


You should opt for a subscription that is valid for life if you want safe browsing.

  • Express VPN- Monthly and Annually (Recommended)
  • (Recommended) NordVPN-Fast and Secure
  • Subscribe to VPNSecure for a lifetime
  • Subscription to BulletVPN for a lifetime
  • Subscription for a lifetime to Ivacy VPN

FAQs About 1337x

Q1. What is the best way to download from 1337x?

Ans. Who can download torrent files from the site by browsing the torrent files, downloading, and clicking confirm? If you cannot access the site, you can use our listed 1337x proxy websites.

Q2. What is the process for unblocking 1337x?

Ans. When 1337x is blocked in your country, use one of the 1337x clone websites or 1337x mirror websites on our list. Here are some options for 1337x that we’ve discussed so far.