Allison Mathis won’t let Chris Bosh see their kid – A letter to women like her


I don’t know what’s going on with Chris Bosh and his ex Allison Mathis and why she won’t let him see their child. Maybe she is doing it to get back at him for ruining her chances at reality show stardom on the Season 3 of the VH1 reality show Basketball Wives (Bosh sued Shaunie O”Neal,  to prevent Allison’s appearance on the show)  or maybe she has other reasons for being another vindictive black woman.. You know she has to be labeled “vindictive” cause there is no way possible that she could have a legitimate reason for this other than her being stereotyped as a bitter black woman. Black women aren’t allowed to be upset about anything cause we will be labled vindictive.. (Rolling my eyes)

Whatever the reason is, I’m not in agreement in this particular situation. It has me thinking about other women who don’t allow their kids to see their father. Especially black women. There are so many fathers who want nothing to do with their child. A few kids would love to have a father in their life but their father is dead or behind prison bars. I take a serious issue with women who won’t allow their child to see their father, just because you and him are not getting along.

Some even pay their child support on time and in full and the mother still gives the father a hard time seeing his kids. Then these same women run around here talking about they are a single parent. GTFOH! You are not a single parent. What you are is a selfish b*tch. If you loved that child so much you would think about the childs well being and  feelings.. This little black child who is already fighting against social standards, racism and other problems now gets to go to school along with all the other white kids, who most likely come from a two parent household.. They have show and tell stories of what they did with their dad over the weekend. Meanwhile your child is sitting there saying they haven’t saw their dad in I don’t know how long because their selfish mom who claims to love the child so much, refuses to let the father spend time with his kid.

A man should never have to fight to see their kid as long as they haven’t done anything to harm the kid. Your souring relationship has nothing to do with the kid. You should not trap your child in between all of that drama.. Your kid is the one who suffers in the end.. It’s not the kids fault that their daddy no longer wants to be with you. Why would you want your child walking around this harsh earth thinking that their other parent doesn’t really care about them?

Then you have the other greedy b*tches who go back and forth to court filing paperwork for more child support. Abusing the child support system.. Don’t let the father not be able to make it back to that state to go to the court date.. Automatically the parent will get whatever ridiculous amount of money that they asked for.

This letter makes me so sad

If you Ask Kissy, Allison Mathis you have no right to not let that little girl go see her dad play in the finals.. She deserves that joy right along with him.. She deserves to see her father during that proud moment. Stop being so selfish and making all the none bitter black women look bad. Take advice from Shaunie O’Neal.. She is not bitter. She went on about her business and made a whole new empire. Meanwhile she does not keep the kids away from their dad, even though he did cheat on her and publicy embarrass her, several times…. But that has nothing to do with the kids. What you are doing is so not cool. The man hasn’t seen his daughter in over a month.  You are wrong on so many levels. You had better stop now before you end up like Dwayne Wade’s (his TEAMMATE’S) baby mama…..