The Silent takeover by Social Networking | Why Twitter Suspended My Account

Social Networking is ruining lives!!!

Twitter suspended my account for one week. ¬†They emailed me and stating my account was suspended for one week minimum due to me engaging in behavior they deemed inappropriate. Basically I followed too many people in one day. ¬†Further ¬†down in the email it stated that in order to lift the suspension I have to tell them that I won’t do it anymore and that I would stop using any software or websites that are not compliant with twitters company policies.

Seriously? Am  I six years old again. Is this like a slap on the wrist like I received when I was a child.  I was not issued a warning or anything before I was banished.. At least facebook warns you when you are misbehaving that they are going to punish you if you keep it up. Facebook makes you click YES, I understand 5 times when they warn you.

So I ¬†email twitter and say that I won’t use the software or websites anymore. ¬†Will you believe they emailed me back to say that I have to say that “I won’t do it again.” ¬†Like I have to specifically say those words, along with please mam, yes sir and thank you for allowing me to use your social network daddy.. Well not all the extra adlib, but they may as well had of included that in the instructions.

My real issue with this is not that they are telling me what to do with MY page on their website. My issue is that social networking is slowly taking over our lives. It’s invading our lives and enforcing it’s rules upon us. ¬†Facebook pretty much knows everything about you. ¬†Facebook knows more about you then the Secret Service does. They know your address (not mines), places you visit, birthday, when you are at home, when you are not at home or on vacation, who your friends and family are, what numbers you have saved on your phone. ¬†They have photos of you and everyone you know. They even have facial recognition software to recogzine photos of you uploaded to the website. IT’s ridiculous.

You have pretty much given these websites the master key to your personal life. ¬†You even promote their websites for them. ¬† Facebook is causing divorces and twitter has congressmen tweeting naked photos of themselves to unknown women. You can’t even permanently delete your facebook account. ¬†Try it and see. Delete it and the minute you try to go back on facebook with that email address it will bring your account right back up. Facebook is ingrained into everything you do online. It’s connected to every website online. There logo should be FACEBOOK, We aren’t going anywhere. D4L! (Down for life) Cause they are definitely on a path for worldwide domination.

How many times has someone said add me on facebook or follow me on twitter? Those two companies don’t even run ads on tv. They don’t do any promoting.. You know why? They don’t have to. They have you to do it for them. And what do you get paid? NOTHING! Not a cent. ¬† You are being a slave and working for less than sweat shop wages. ¬†Twitter and Facebook has turned everyone into a bunch of twiggers and facebishes. ¬† And after you do all this promoting and bringing traffic to their website they have the nerve to tell you what you can and can’t do with YOUR account.. ¬† This is laughable.. I miss the yahoo days when yahoo messenger was my most ¬†highly used social networking tool. Yahoo even ran ads that said YAHEEEEW. Even Aol chat was respectable.

Later in life we are going to be explaining to our grand kids how honorable these social networking companies used to be. By then we will only be able to log into facebook using a retina eye scan. We have jumped ship from the networks that gave us freedom and respect, like yahoo and myspace. ¬†We killed them off without even giving them a decent burial. SMH, I can’t believe you people put up with this nonsense.. I mean I know I put up with it too.. I’m a facebook addict. But I use these sites to network for business purposes.

What do you use social networking for? Are you aware of your enslavement?