Would you rather be Beyonce or Michelle Obama?

Someone online once told me they were disappointed in me because they thought I was the Michelle Obama type. (He didn’t like my writing) The truth is I am. A man dealing with me will excell and reach greatness if that is his desired goal. Although I admire and have a great amount of respect for Michelle Obama, I would not want her position. If I had a choice to come back in my second life as Michelle Obama or Beyonce I would choose to be Beyonce.

Why Beyonce? Beyonce and Michelle Obama both have husbands of great stature. They both are loved by the mass. They both travel the world. They are both beautiful black women. But Beyonce gets to have all the fun. Beyonce gets to be loud when she wants to. Beyonce gets to shake it up and dance like no one’s watching, while the whole world is watching. Beyonce gets to embrace her sex appeal and curves. Beyonce gets to change her hair color whenever she feels like it. I can’t imagine Michelle suddenly popping up with a long curly weave.

Michelle has to always appear graceful. She has the pressures of the entire black race on her shoulders. In a sense she has to appear flawless and not make any mistakes. No, I don’t want that pressure. I have always disliked the pressures that were placed upon me by others to look and behave a way that they deemed proper. I don’t want to fit the mold. I don’t want to be placed in a box with thick borders and not be allowed to venture outside that box.. I want to be able to scream sometimes. I want the world to know me for me. Not a false image or persona that I have to portray in order to keep the masses happy. Like Beyonce I want to be able to put out my own perfume. I want to be able to enjoy hip hop at the white house or hip hop in a nightclub with my husband. I want to be able to put on the tight, form fitting dress with the six inch heels and perform in front of thousands while they sing my songs back to me. I want to pour my heart into a beautiful song that can still bring joy to someone decades later. I want to be free to be sexy.

You don’t have to act or appear to be the perfect lady to live a beautiful life. Not every black woman can be a Michelle Obama, nor were we all meant to be. That doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with me. That doesn’t mean that I can’t inspire people in my own way. God made us all unique for a reason. Surely as long as I positively inspire others around me I can still be a first lady.

Am I alone in this, Who would you rather be?