BET Confirms the Monique Show has Been Canceled

This morning it was circling around on the blogs that the Monique show had been canceled. Although I didn’t really watch the show I was hoping that this was untrue. Monique’s sidekick, comedian Rodney Perry, has confirmed that the show has been cancelled before it begins what would of been it’s third season on BET.

BET stated that the Monique show is on “indefinite hiatus staus”. Which is a polite way of saying it’s canceled. A network spokesperson confirms that the show is going on a “production hiatus”. Sources are saying that her ratings have not dropped and that the cancellation is due to indiferences between Monique and BET executives.

The talk show, which was compared to a high-energy nightly party/a scream fest, lasted two seasons and had been taped in Turner Studios, which are now being used for BET’s show “Reed Between the Lines” through October. If Monique was to continue taping her taping would of begun in August..

I hope this is just a warning shot. I hate to see another black artist lose their show. Especially on black network..

Anyway check out this footage of my girl Kenya and her husband Carl Stevens on the show.  Experts on open relationships. So many men talk about this clip and now they all seem to want a woman just like Kenya Stevens.