Dear Black Men: It Is Not A Black Woman’s Job To Be With You While You Struggle


Some men want women to play the roles as a man and a woman at the same time. If you are in a 50/50 relationship that is still bad. If should at least be 60/40 . Men are supposed to do more.  What was the point of God making you stronger than a woman? Do you want to be able to walk around with a big belly for nine months and give birth too? Would you like to have a menstrual cycle? Nope, you don’t want none of that. You want no parts of that. Yet you expect a woman to do everything you do..

Men protect and provide and women nurture life.  REAL MEN UNDERSTAND THIS. It’s not really the fact that a man is lacking financially that is really the problem. It’s his mindset, attitude and decisions that are  a problem.  Some women decide to stay away from such a man because she has deemed that he does not make decisions that are conducive towards the overall *embetterment of the relationship.

Of course there are women who don’t mind helping you or supporting you during your struggles.  But you must have the right attitude.  Some successful men often have a woman behind them. That woman a lot of times is not a successful business woman. She is instead a woman that is sucessful at nurturing a good man into success by being his backbone and support system. She takes care of house and home in every way. She makes life easier for him. Therefore he can go out and conquer the world. Men like this, have DECIDED that was the type of woman that was best for them.

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