Older Men need to Stop Chasing Young Women

This article is not for the Old Men with Money. This is strictly talking about older men with no money who can’t afford to be a sugar daddy but still lust young women.. These are the older men who are often times delusional. Older men have a bad habit of dating young gorgeous women and thinking that she is going to see you as her equal. YOUTH is always the better one in the relationship UNLESS you have a lot of money. That’s just the way it is.

You have some older men who are out of shape, balding and not the most attractive. They chase a younger women not understanding there is really no reason that a sane young women would date a older man for anything other than financial security. If tht is not her reason for dating him then she has some major self esteem and daddy issues. Either way, Youth and beauty still equals very high self esteem when dealing with a older man.

She is always going to tell you that she could date a hardbody hot guy her age instead of you. If you want someone that’s going to view you as an equal either get your cake up, date someone your age or stop dating young gorgeous women who every guy wants. Your place is to stay appreciative of the young beauty you have.

The minute you start losing perspective and thinking you’re her equal, everything is going to go all wrong… For that means you have forgotten that it is her beauty and youth that provides you with energy, hope and new found life. You may not like it, but that’s the truth. I would suggest you enjoy the ride…. Most likely someone else would love to be in your shoes….

If a older man who has no money wants a younger woman and he finds one then he is signing himself up to walk aroumd on egg shells and to yield very little power in the relationship.  Eventually these young girls leave these older men because they realize that it’s pointless to be with a older man if he isn’t financially taking care of her.

These are not real relationships. Nor do they last. If you don’t have lots of money don’t chase young, attractive women.