Jay Z Tells “The Game” To Find A New Lane

This is a teaser from “The Next 48 Hours” With the Game,” a 3 part web series which goes behind the scenes during the release week of “The R.E.D. Album“.  In this clip Game tells Power 106’s Big Boi the origin of his dislike for 41 year old rapper Jay-Z. Well he doesn’t exactly tell him, but instead writes it down on a piece of paper. This discussion was said to have happened at the 40/40 club many years ago before The Game blew up.  Game says when he first met Jay Z he asked Jay:  How he managed to stay relevant?”  to which Hov to the upcoming rapper, “Most of you new rappers wont last anyway,maybe you should  find a new lane.”

Well dayuuum. I wouldn’t like Jay Z either if he told me that.

See the Video:

 The Game recently chopped it up with BallerStatus and asked him about the 911 Twitter Incident and His Beef with Jay Z.

What really happened with the twitter incident?

Game: People think I’m making it up when I say that my homie tweeted from my phone, but if you think about it, if you’re with a pack of your homies and y’all was all funny and played jokes on each other — that’s what we do. I might tweet something like “I’m gay” from his page or “I’m coming out the closet”, but we always mess around like that so I’ll tweet random numbers from his Twitter or dial up from one of my boys’ cell phones or something. I left my phone down while I was doing a photo shoot and he got me. It was just a simple prank. I don’t think he meant to tweet the sheriff’s office or the number, I think it was just random numbers and it happened to be a coincidence. Why it has to controversy is crazy, but I think it’s all blown out of proportion and I can’t see them really taking it as far as pressing real charges, because I mean, come on man it’s Twitter.

What’s your relationship with Jay-Z really like? Are you looking to get into a full blown battle with him, or is it just playful competition?

Game: I don’t think Jay wants that. Jay is too reserved and too iconic in his career to battle me. I’m reckless and I’m psycho on the mic, so I can say anything. There are only certain things he can really say, you know what I’m saying?

If he did respond to one of your songs, what would happen?

Game: I would slay him. I just think that at this stage in his career, his lyrics would have to be sanctioned. There’s only so far he can go with where he’s at now. Me, I can go to hell and back with my lyrics, so I don’t think it’s wise for him to respond, but I respect Jay lyrically. I always have and I always will. It’s just that the facts weigh in, I got a reckless tongue and it’s not to be f***ed with.

 The Game loves to go against the grain and upset people.. I hope it works out for him…