Laura Govan of Basketball Wives LA clears up The Shaq Rumors and talks Gilbert

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Basketball Wives L.A. cast member Laura Govan who is Gloria Govan’s sister from Basketball Wives 2 did a very interesting interview with  The Loop 21,  and talked about the rumors between her and Shaq and her rekindled relationship with Gilbert Arenas.

Are you going to clear up the Shaunie/ Shaq situation?
For me, I’m not here to clear up sh*t. If I haven’t done anything, I have nothing to clear up. I want people to understand the dynamic of what I actually went through. I’ve never been in the media. It’s always been someone else has the upper hand on that. This was my time to set the record straight on my relationship with Gilbert, my relationship with the Shaunie/Shaquille stuff. It’s been three years. We still talking about that dumb sh-t? And he’s moved on and has 100-past relationships, plus he has a solid girlfriend now. Get your life together!

Did you sleep  with Shaq?
Hell no! Have you seen his feet? How you gon’ sleep with somebody who has feet like that? Like, I’ve seen him in his sandals. I love Shaquille to death but I would never get down with Shaquille. And it’s funny because I feel like when I’ve seen him or been around him, we just have a good time. We’re like brother and sister. I just think that Shaunie [O’Neal] had her own agenda and did things for the show. And it is what it is. But at this point, three years later, I don’t want to talk about him. Talk about somebody I actually like.

Have you recently spoken to Gilbert?
Yea, I talk to him all the time. He’s still the father of my children. And we have a great relationship. It’s funny because we’ll sit and we’re talking and I’ll be like, “Damn, dog. You’re suing me like a hundred times. Like, what’s up with that?” But, we’re cleaning it up. It just takes time because he’s filed so many goddamn things against me. And now we’re at the point where we’re just cleaning stuff up. We’re just looking to really, really be good parents to our children.
.What will the show reveal about you?     I think it’s really going to reveal who I am. I just got to get sh-t off my chest and actually talk about some things I want to talk about and really give you who I am, which is I’m funny, I’m hella’ cute in person, girl. I know they be killing me talking about, ‘She looks busted.’ Man, f-ck you! I look good in person. (Laughs)

Are you dating?
Not yet. Not yet. It might be Gilbert girl, who knows now? I’m not sure…I mean, I do still like the nigga. …We’re doing good though. He and I are in a good space right now.

OMG!! This interview is unbelievable. Especially after watching him blast her on twitter and leave her pregnant and so many other things that he has done to her.  I hate to rush to judgment  cause you could toss it up as trying to be a good parents to the kids but it seems like this woman may not love herself… She seriously has a masters degree in psychology? I might need some proof of that.