Lebron James Celebrates His Girlfriend Savannah’s 25th Birthday (photos)

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Lebron celebrated his girl Savannah’s 25th Birthday and Chris Paul came to the celebration. Why am i bothered by calling her his girlfriend??? Seems they should be married by now.. I guess he doesn’t hear Beyonce when she says if you like it then you should of put a ring on it… 

I love this photo of Lebron playing the violin or viola whichever it is. He looks to be having such a great time.


On the other hand, I’m not in love with Savaugn’s outfit.. WTH does she have on? I can do the coil shoes but the rest of the outfit is a wrap… 


And this cake!!! It’s nice  if you are having a Sweet 16, but it’s a little too on the kiddy side for a 25 year old woman. 

savannah cakeThose were my thoughts up until I realized that the Birthday was a Aladdin theme.. DUH!!! So now everything fits…  How Cool.

Photos courtesy of Black Sports Online