New Kissy Photos – Playboy Mid Summers Night Lingerie Pool Party

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I had a great time at the Playboy Pool Party at the Palms Last Night. Vegas is so surreal and completely unrealistic sometimes. It’s like living in Wonderland. Then on Monday Morning if you don’t live here you have to go back home to reality.  There were lights everywhere outside at the Pool. Bunches or insanely gorgeous, sexy women parading around in skimpy lingerie and  masks.  Pauly something was deejaying, He is the cute Italian from one of these reality shows.  It was 110 degrees outside and somehow they manage to make it snow.  A real snow machine. There was an open bar but of course Kissy could not drink the cheap open bar liquor cause it would of made her sick. So instead I had some P.J. Rose Champagne.

I had not been out the house in a while. But I had a really good time. I am thankful for the memories that Vegas will give me.. The Palms Hotel is my absolute most favorite hotel in Vegas. It is always where the Party is at and the Playboy club has a awesome environment.

Anyway as you can see, I have lost a lot of weight.. I think I’m going to gain back 5 pounds.. All muscle though. Being skinny feels really good!!!