Playboy Ranks Best 23 Air Jordans of All Time – Playboy style

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Not That I’m a fan of Air Jordans or a fan of a the “average” man that wears Air Jordans but the idea of putting half naked women next to photos of Air Jordan sneakers is a completely ingenious concept. Even as a woman I can admit to that. I don’t know any of the models names except the black girl. Her name is Patrice Hollis and she lives in Vegas, or used to. I think she lives in L.A. Now.  Here is a link to her facebook page.

INTERESTING JORDAN FACT: When Air Jordans debuted in 1985, they were banned. The dramatic red-and-black Air Jordan was in violation of  the NBA’s uniform policy. They were deemed as “non-regulation”  uniform colors. Michael Jordan, then a Chicago Bulls rookie, refused to cooperate and continued wearing his signature kicks, a decision which cost him $5,000 in fines every time he set foot on the court.

They also shot a video for the Sole Mates Photo Shoot.

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