Steelers Coach Ray Horton sells car to cafeteria worker Maurice Matthews for $20

Story that goes to show that good people do exist and you can talk yourself into a luxury automobile.

A cook at the Pittsburgh Steelers team complex got the deal of a lifetime. He is driving in a red Mercedes convertible thanks to asking for what he wanted.

On his final day in Pittsburgh before taking over as defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals, Ray Horton gave his 1999 Mercedes SL500 to cafeteria worker Maurice Matthews.

The cook had always kidded around with Horton, telling him he was coaching his position and asking when he’d be allowed to drive his sports car. Horton would jokingly reply, “you can’t afford the gas in it.”

But on his final day in Pittsburgh, Horton approached Matthews to say goodbye and asked if he could borrow whatever money he had in his pocket. When Matthews handed over a twenty, Horton said “sold for $20!” and handed him the keys to his car.

“Ray said, ‘Hey, you always liked the car, you’re a good dude, I know you’ll take care of it,” Matthews told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “It’s yours.”

The next day he drove Horton to the airport and received all the paperwork to take ownership of the car. With 64,000 miles on it, Matthews ended up paying $20 for a vehicle that carries a Kelly Blue Book valueof $17,735.

“It’s just taking care of guys who took care of you,” Horton told the Arizona Cardinals team blog.

That is what you call fly! That was really sweet of him. Ray can I get the next one you decide to gtve away?  Hopefully it’s a Bugatti. Hey, closed mouths do not get fed!