The Truth About Walmart | Walmart is Evil | The High Low Cost of Walmart

Why do I say Walmart is evil? The question is why do consumers abandon the small business they used to frequent in order to shop at Walmart?  Simple uniformed consumers. I was one of those consumers.

I was a Walmart lover. I loved the low prices. Slowly, I did start to notice less variety though. Most of the name brands in Walmart were being replaced with Walmart brands. My best friend would always scream at me about how badly Walmart treats their employees and I would always tell her its their problem and that they should get a better job.  Recently another friend said something about Walmart and I told him the same thing. Then he further went into detail about what Walmart really does and it prompted me to do some research.

My research says Walmart is a evil place. Walmart is bulldozing the American Economy. Those low prices are not in our best interest.. Sometimes you can go in walmart and not even see any Kraft Shredded cheese. But that white Walmart bag of shredded cheese will be there instead. Walmart bullies the suppliers to sell to them low and you would think that is a good thing, but its not.

I have been hearing for years how Walmart was going to be the main cause of the economy crashing. A very wealthy man once told me that many years ago. Walmart is such a monopoly that it disables almost any other business like it to make a profit. When a Walmart building goes up in a town a whole bunch of other buildings become vacated and torn down.

Walmart provides low wage jobs: Yeah, not our fault those people work there… We can say that. But those Walmart employees are barely making it and still have to get subsidies from the government to take care of their families. Taxpayers pay these subsidies..

It’s sickening and sad. I will never shop at Walmart again.  In your free time watch the videos below. Become a informed consumer.  Yes, if you had a business you would want to take over like Walmart. But Walmart is taking over by robbing the economy. Money has to be spread out. The low prices at Walmart have a domino affect across the entire economy from top to bottom. No, none of us care if Walmart takes the place of other corporations.. The problem is that people will not be able to start up small business’ in the future..

The worse thing is that when a business flourishes over and makes extreme profits they usually share those profits with their employees.  My friend always brags about how much he loves working for APPLE and how great they treat their empoloyees. He even has a Apple Tattoo on his neck because  he loves the company so much.

Walmart forces out small business and exploits the poor. Walmart is so evil in its marketing that prices are even higher in poor neighborhoods than they will be in a Walmart in a better neighborhood. Why? Because the poor people in these neighborhoods have no car and very little money. Therefore they are forced to get all of their needs at Walmart. That’s just how much walmart has studied poverty and isolated communities. They study how to keep their employees working hard but poor.

Walmart is so bad that they even tell their employees to go on welfare:





Walmart’s practices are so good and stable, made to squeeze everything out of everyone by paying the lowest prices possible.. Some of your favorite brands are not in Walmart because they refused to let Walmart bully them. Walmart is going to become just like a Utility company. They tell you what to pay and you pay it. After they knock out all of the other competitors they are going to raise the prices….