Video Shows James Craig Anderson Being Ran Over By Racist White Teen Deryl Dedmon

Jackson, Mississippi –  On  Sunday June 26, 2011 just before dawn two groups of white teens drove 16 miles on a freeway heading west. They were on a mission. A mission of hate. They were searching for a black victim to “mess with”. At 5am They exited the freeway at the Ellis Island off ramp, which was a predominately black area of the city. They immediately spotted  a unsuspecting black man. James Craig Anderson, 49  was standing in a hotel parking lot next to his car.

The groups of teens beat him to a pulp while taunting him with racial slurs. One teen pumped his fist in the air and yelled “White Power” according to a hotel security guard.  They almost beat him to death.

One group got in their car and pulled off. But Darryl Deadman, 18 decided he was not quite done. James Anderson had survived the beating. He had picked himself up and had gotten  was stumbling near the curb.

With two girls in the car with him, Darryl sped up his green F250 pick up truck. He hit the gas, jumped the curb running right into James Craig Anderson.

Drove to McDonalds to meet up with the rest of the group. and according to the police he told the group “I ran that nigger over.”  He was not remorseful. He was laughing about the killing said Robert Shuler Smith -District Attorney.

Originally James family thought he was a victim of a hit and run accident. Due to the security cameras on the hotel the real story slowly came out.

Deryl Dedmon, Jr., right, could face two life sentences in connection with the killing. John Aaron Rice, left, has been charged with simple assault.

A second teen, John Erin Rice, 18 was charged with” simple assault” for his part of the beating. The other teens in the group have not been charged.

The news knocked on Deadman’s door and the lady who answered claimed to not know him. Yet the truck that was used to kill Anderson was sticking out of the family garage.  Police had given the vehicle back after processing it for evidence.


In this day and age, I seriously do not understand how you can teach your kids hate. With so much going on in the world how does a person have time to hate someone because of their race? I was so sickened and upset while writing this… Two things…..

1. I don’t suspect this young man will ever leave the prison alive.

2. Why was only one other person charged and charged with “simple assault” only? I could of sworn that if you commit a crime and a murder occurs in the process of committing that crime that everyone involved with it will be charged with murder…