5 Year Old Girl On 911 Call: “My Daddy Shot My Mommy”

— A judge is now deciding where a 5-year-old girl should go after witnessing the killings of her mother and her grandmother in their Sunrise home Sunday, as police release the emergency calls for help from the shootings.

Police believe Marcus Trotman, 25 fatally shot his wife, Danielle, 30, and her mother, Linda Scudera, 56, on Sunday at a home in the 4000 block of Del Rio Way before killing himself.

 The 30-year-old woman’s 5-year-old daughter, Angelique, witnessed the shootings, ran next door and called 911 with the help of a neighbor.

 “It was a shoot and then my daddy shot my mommy and then he shoot my grandma, and now my daddy’s dead. My grandma’s dead,” the child told a 911 dispatcher.

 “Is she injured in any way?” the dispatcher asked the neighbor.

 “No. I am just praying to God that she was watching TV and it’s not true,” the neighbor said.

 “Where did he shoot Mommy?” the dispatcher asked the child.

 “On the ear,” the girl said.

 “On her ear? And where is she now?” the neighbor asked the child.

 “She was shot on the ear?” the dispatcher asked.

 “Yes. My grandma’s dead and my daddy’s dead,” the girl said. “Please.”

 “I’m trying to find mommy’s number,” the neighbor said.

 “I told you they’re dead,” the girl said. 

The man whose gun sources said was used by Trotman, local celebrity Lazaro Mendez, also known as D.J. Laz from Power 96, issued a statement  that he was grieving and to respect his privacy. 

The gun used in the crime  belonged to DJ Laz, AKA Lazaro Mendez. Trotman had been staying with Laz before the incident.

Trotman had been working for Laz as an audio engineer and had been staying at his Plantation home while dealing with mental issues. Trotman was also facing domestic violence charges at for allegedly choking and beating his wife. Lorenzo was so badly injured during the August attack she needed 15 stitches in her head.

I usually don’t have much to say on these news stories but I’m glad he also killed himself. The one thing that really bothers me about this story is that DJ Lazz allowed this man to stay with him. He could of let him stay with him out of concern for his wife or he could have allowed him to stay due to their friendship. Men you should look down on other men who abuse women. These men are not good people. Something is wrong with them.. Now apparently Trotman had beat the hell out of his wife and now his life sucked because he was facing prison time and his wife no longer wanted to be with him.. He couldn’t take that.. Yet he couldn’t keep his hands off of her.. I really hate abusive men.  They are retarded as  they come.

 SEE THE VIDEO HERE  The poor little girl at the ends says she needs somewhere to live…