Basketball Wives Draya Michele Talks Why No One Likes Her and Wants You To Know She Parties For A Living

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I’m not a hater at all. I even admit, I like Draya best out of all the LA Basketball Wives cause she is beautiful and the only one who appears to have a nice personality. I can’t hate on her, apparently she is doing something right.. But I’m not going to sit here and lie to you by stating that Draya is a very intelligent woman. While connecting to the right people will stop me from labeling her dumb as a box of rocks I will still state that she is quite the airhead.   Her latest interview in VIBE, reiterates my opinion. 

Draya MichelleYou’re obviously pegged as the girl who’s going to shake up the show, but how do you want to portrayed on the show?
Hopefully, after editing and everything, it changes some people’s opinions of me. I know what to expect, so I won’t be shocked if a lot more people hate me than they already do. People don’t always have the nicest things to say about me, so I’m used to it already.

I want people to see what I do and how I live me life, just so they have a better understand of what it is that I do. A lot of people are confused about how I live my life and why I live my life a certain way and I’m able to travel so much. I want to put a light on what [my life] really is. It is not always a party. I  don’t look at a party as a party; I look at a party as a job, so [the show] will let people know what is really going on inside of my world.

Can you let people know what you do? 
I do everything. Anything and everything I can get my hands on out here in LA, I’m into it. I’m doing my acting, my modeling and starting a business–a million things.

In a perfect world, how would you like to expand your brand?  What would you want to be?
I would want to be a boss somewhere with my name on some stuff, sitting up and paying other people to run my business.

Now, make it clear — what’s you connect to the basketball world?
Basically, now I’m friends with a bunch of wives and I dated a basketball player before. I mean, it was nothing currently or anything like that. It was a couple years ago. No big deal.

Draya MicheleThere’s been talks about the child endangerment arrest and your son, will we be able to meet your son on the show?
You will definitely see me doing my family thing, my mom thing and my work thing. Anything that is me is going to be on there. Of course, my son is an important part of my life, so I wouldn’t do anything that didn’t involve him. I didn’t leave anything uncovered.

Now that everyone is critiquing you and being on the show, are you regretful at all?
No, I’m having fun, and it’s a learning experience for me.

What is your personal style? 
I basically I like to mix cheap and expensive together, and it works for me. I believe as long as I have on a good shoe, I can wear anything and it looks right. If you are confident in your own skin, you can wear a plastic bag and it is going to look cute. Anything from Urban Outfitters to Neiman Marcus and anything in between. You can catch me in every store from Saks to Forever 21.

I am pretty basic. I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, but I do like to wear bronzer. If my bronzer is out, I have to run and go get another one. I am also an eyelash girl! I don’t get the strips; I like the individual lashes. That’s something that I can’t live without. Some eyelashes, bronzer and lipgloss goes a long way with me

This is how most people expect a beautiful woman to talk. Beautiful women are expected to not be intelligent and talk about fashion, makeup and men.  So much to the point that it often surprises people when they actually meet a beautiful woman who is a sex goddess and can keep up with intellectual conversations.

Being linked to Chris Brown and a few NBA players from Jarvis Crittenton to Monica’s husband Shannon Brown, Draya is a prime example of the rule “It’s Not What You Know, But Who You Know.”  At the end of the day it’s all about that Cash Money.

Draya Cash Money

C.R.E.A.M. Cash Rules Everything Around Me

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