Draya Gets Beat Up and Works the Stripper Pole on Basketball Wives L.A. [VIDEO]

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Lawd, I don’t know how much more of this Basketball Wives L.A. show I can take anymore.  Why did they put a bunch of old women on a show with this young, beautiful, ditzy, sexy girl/ex-stripper named Draya — – Real name Andraya Howard.

This is ridiculous.. Reality Show Gold.

God took favor on Draya cause this show should set her up for life.

Ok, done with my tiny rant.. Let’s get into the details.

So, on this episode of Basketball Wives they decide that there is a lot of aggression in the group that needs to be handled. So just like Basketball Wives Miami they all go to the boxing gym to get their Floyd Mayweather on.

But before the boxing began, they had installed a nice pole in the gym so that Draya could showcase her stripper gymnastics.

Malaysia is clearly in shock


Malaysia Pargo watching Draya Work The Stripper Pole


After that it was time for little bity ditzy Draya to get in the ring with Laura Govan.  Look at the differene in body dimensions:

Don’t Hurt My Boobs, They Might Break

That’s not even fair… What’s so funny about this frame is that Draya was not worried about getting hurt.. All she was worried about was her boobs.. “Don’t hurt my boobs. That might break.”

Classic Footage!!! I guess it’s safe to say that as I predicted Draya would come out on top this season.. I know my stuff!  Listen to me when I tell you something. Draya is the show Basketball Wives and I just have one problem with that.. She’s not a basketball wife.. But neither are most of the other girls.. LMAO. After this one I’m going to have to get myself a “I Love VH1 button made and a T-Shirt That Says I’m a Basketball Wife just for kicks..  Lovin It!

SHAUNIE, please take Draya with you to Miami.. I would love to see how she fits in with that cast. 

The rest of the episode was nothing special, but if you want the run down on what went down go over to Jennifer Brix.

Sorry, I’ve said so much that I don’t have a question to ask you.