Dwayne Wade Shows His Wood and Brings The Sexy For VMan Magazine

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Dwayne Wade decided to take a break from planking on Bentley’s and Plank in V-Man Magazine  for their fall 2011 issue instead. Although he is not garbed in his usual spiffy bow tie and frames he still looks pretty warrior like in Gaultier armor and a Givenchy lanyard.

Dwade, sexy clothes, boxer briefs

The WOOD piece is a nice addition to the shoot.. Although I assume they subliminally just wanted to mess with our minds… And you know what.. It worked.. His leg muscles aren’t bad either. 

D Wade, six pack, muscles, NBA, basketball

I’ve never been much into D Wade but looking at those ripples a girl can’t help but reach out and touch someone. LOL

D Wade, Red Suit, Armani Clothing

Not his usual flyness with the bow tie, but this will do even though the photo is so little. 

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Spotted: J-Brix