Evelyn Lozada “I’m Not One Of Those Girls Who Chase” [VIDEO]

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She may be leaving Basketball Wives, but that does not mean all will be silent in Evelyn Lozada land. Imported from Miami the reality star is settling into a new life in Boston under the same roof with fiance Chad Ochocinco Johnson.  She’s ready to take over Boston and become Mrs. Johnson. Although Evelyn’s public life has been surrounded by celebrity athletes she did not choose that life, the life choose her, she tellls the Boston Herald:

Evelyn Lozada

The soon-to-be Mrs. Ochocinco, 35, and her wild wide receiver are putting down roots in Foxboro tomorrow, settling into a two-bed, two-bath love nest, just minutes from the stadium. And no matter what her fiance is telling the press, she will not be living with a Pats fan.

Lozada says she’s looking forward to sharing a roof with her man for the first time — and meeting reigning Patriot royalty Tom Brady [stats] and Gisele Bundchen.

“I’m not opposed to a double date. I’d invite them out,” she said, noting she’s been asking Ochocinco whether he’s spotted Mrs. Brady at practice. “We’re hoping to bring some flavor and fun to Boston. Maybe it could be Tom, Gisele, Evelyn and Chad take over Boston. That would be cool.”

Evelyn Lozada

Plus, as the former almost-Mrs. Antoine Walker — Lozada was engaged twice to the former Celtic and even had a wedding dress picked out and paid for — she is no stranger to gossip.

“Listen, first of all, I met Antoine in New York. I’m not one of those girls who chase. I’m not sitting in front of the hotel. This is how my life played out for me,” she said. “When I started dating my ex (Walker), once you date one, you’re labeled. It doesn’t bother me. I didn’t chase Chad. It’s just something that happened.”

Lozada, who has an 18-year-old daughter, and Ocho, who has four kids, are planning on expanding their family with twin boys, already named Pepe and Esteban, through IVF. They’ve made the deposit — monetary and genetic — and are just waiting to make their liaison legal.

“The twins are waiting for me,” she said. “That’s the great thing about in vitro. You can plan rather than having an oopsie.”

Behind the Scenes Video

I can tell she is slowly changing and starting to soften up a little bit. Or maybe it was the wonderful parisian music they but in the background. (I’m a sucker for some parisian music). I don’t know what BBW’s is going to do without Evelyn. Tami is saying she is going to leave the show if Evelyn leaves.. The only thing is that Evelyn doesn’t need the show. Her and Chad are a show of their own.

No word yet if Evelyn and Chad will have their own reality show. One thing for sure they are a good look for one another.

Photos via Ted Fitzgerald/Boston Herald

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