Idris Elba is a Singer/Rapper Like Drake now????

Idris Elba VideoLadies love Idris Elba the same way they used to love LL Cool J. But for two completely different reasons.. Idris Elba has recently switched lanes and decided to step into the singing game. He drops his video for his single “Private Garden” where he promises it won’t hurt once he gets inside, If you just “let a brotha enter.” He even throws in a lil Drizzy swag and recites a few bars at the end.

The Video was shot in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Check It Out

Before clicked, I was hoping and praying that the video wouldn’t be too awesome, because I’m already quenched in excitement Idris, don’t need him pushing me overboard. He can still enter my garden…. Just not with his singing voice. ..

Never one to try to box people in, but trying to do the zero to sixty lane just won’t work for Elba.. Hate to say it, but stick with your day job boo boo.

Ladies, What do you think, Would you put him to work in your Private Garden”, or just let him mow the lawn outside your house?

Spotted: Necole Bitchie