J Cole Speaks About Jay Z’s Initial Rejection and His S-e-x Tape with Rihanna

Rapper and newest addition to the Def Jam Dynasty, J Cole covers September’s edition of Rolling Out Magazine. He has a very interesting story about his first meeting with Jay Z. He entails the power of persistence. and gives you the juicy details of his Rihanna s-e-x Tape.

j-cole-rolling-out-magazine-coverWhat was Jay Z like the first time you met him?
I heard that Jay-Z was recording the American Gangster album. That same night, I made two beats and I thought it would be perfect for Jay-Z. I went to the studio where Jay-Z was recording and I waited outside for three hours. His Phantom finally pulled up. I was super timid and shy. I had the CD in my hand and I tried to hand it to Jay-Z. He looked at it and said, ‘What is this? I don’t want that. Give it to one of those other guys.’ It was crushing. That was another moment. But I snapped back to reality. I knew after that, I had to go harder. That type of rejection fuels me. I believe that greatness is fueled by rejection. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team; Jay-Z had trouble getting a record deal before Reasonable Doubt; and no one wanted to sign Kanye West as a rapper.

How did you hook up with him again after that?
One year later, Jay-Z heard a song through Mark Pitts. Jay called me for a meeting. It was a three-hour meeting and I played my music [for] him. We talked about President Obama and other things. Five weeks later, he offered me a record deal.

Does a s-e-x tape with you and  Rihanna exist?
Gossip is foreign to me. By nature, I don’t like gossip. I never was on the gossip sites. Now being on the other side, it’s annoying. A lot of people don’t know the difference between gossip and reality. They may think that you have a sex tape with Rihanna, or [that] you’re having s-e-x with Solange because of what someone made up. But I guess it’s just something that comes with the territory.


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