Jason Giramma and Jacob Kiss Attempt To Rob 7-11 Store Dressed as Gumby


Gumby never was cut out for a life of crime. ….  Jacob Kiss, 19 and his accomplish Jason Giramma, 19 must have been high and watching old cartoons on youtube when they decided to rob a 7-11 convenience store dressed as Gumby and Gumby’s Orange Horse Friend “Pokey”.

San Diego, CA, A little after 12am on September 7, surveillance footage shows a man entering a 7-11 store. dressed as the cartoon character Gumby from the early 1990’s. Gumby entered the store with his arms raised and pounded on the counter demanding money from the clerk. Gumby said, “This is a robbery,” The clerk thought it was a joke. He said, “I have cleaning to do, and I don’t have time for this.”

The tall Gumby then replied “I have a gun” right before he began to struggle with his Gumby hands trying to reach into his pocket as if  to retrieve a concealed weapon.

Fumbling with the outfit and it’s mitten hands for several moments, the bandit did not pull out a gun but managed to drop 26 cents’ worth of change on the floor, which he unsuccessfully tried to pick up.

His companion Pokey, meanwhile, had realized that Gumby was messing up and had left the store and gotten into a white or silver minivan, which he pulled in front of the store.  After the driver honked his horn a few times, the frustrated man in the Gumby getup walked out and got into the vehicle, and the pair drove off.

The  clerk still feeling like the botched robbery was a joke went right back to work cleaning the store. The manager arrived at 6am in the morning and after the clerk  told him about the “SpongeBob” looking character the manager reviewed the survelliance footage and decided that it was not a joke, he called the cops.

SDPD Detective Gary Hassen reviewed the footage and released the footage to the news hoping someone would recognize unmasked friend “Pokey” sure enough crime stoppers tips came in and the assailant in the orange horse out fit was identifeid.Hassen said it was the human face of Giramma, rather than the widely recognized green mug of Gumby, that provided the big break in the case.

Sgt Hassen placed a call to Pokey:

“We got the video out and we figured that somebody would recognize his accomplice,” Hassan told CNN. Tips came in through Crimestoppers, he said, and the cops soon had their TV character. On Monday morning a call to Kiss followed.

“You and Gumby need to come in Tuesday morning. We’ll sit down and have a polite conversation,” Hassen said police told the suspect.

Both defendants are currently in custody and charged with three counts of being a idiot, and the police confiscated Gumby’s suit. 


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