[VIDEO] Serena Williams Booty Popping in Drake’s Condo

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Apparently Serena is tired of watching her friend Kim Kardashian get all the fame for the booty. So Serena joined in on the fun and started doing a little booty popping her damn self.. (LaLa you could of kept your supposedly leaked pics. They sucked)  

Of course people are saying that Serena’s cellphone must have got stolen or something, but it wasn’t.. These booty popping videos were filmed in Drake’s condo so I’m sure Drake is the one filming and I’m sure Drake did a lot more popping after the camera stopped rolling.

Too funny though, I can see Drake sitting back all cool telling Serena why don’t you shake something for me and let me film you.  

Anyway, after all the talk of Serena’s booty after the Espy’s I guess she realized her booty power, and why not, if you got it flaunt it. 

 Then again she is friends with the Kardashians.

The Lady was just playing tennis with Michelle Obama….


Anyway, here you go.

Stiff as hell.. Comedy. Stripping is an art form, not everyone can do it.. Even those with donkey booties. She tried to go Kim Kardashian’s route but it didn’t work out too well..

I’m looking forward to the naked pics leaking next. And Serena if you are taking requests for your next video can you do it off of Bun B’s song  “Pop It For Pimp” please. Thank You