Will Smith Surprises Visitors At A Art Gallery

Will Smith Art GalleryWill Smith was in a joyous mood when he surprised organizers and visitors at an exhibit put on by Five Four Clothing and Cyrcle, In L.A. a few days ago.

His visit was so unexpected,” a source says. “He just walked around eating ice cream sandwiches and taking pictures.” 

The actor, who arrived with a unidentified female friend, was in a “joking mood,” the source says, and even teased one of the designers about their work.

Will Smith also attempted to buy one of the pieces, but it had already been sold, so Smith made plans to visit Cyrcle’s studios and commission a work. 

Cool. Ice cream cones and looking at art work. What a sweet date…  Will has his cake and get’s to eat it too,  along with a side of ice cream.. With permission of course! That man lives the life.. 

Source: People Magazine