Amber Cole – [VIDEO]14 Year Old Girl Being Nasty on School Grounds On Camera

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amber-coleI have been blogging for 4 months now and I am starting to learn that things just don’t stop. There is no “worst” thing that I’ve ever seen because the next day I run across something even more worse. 

This 14 year old heifer Amber Cole who is giving her ex boyfriend a certified adult mouth to pole resuscitation the way “PinkY’ would do it.  CHILE!!! Honey Child!!!

How could she consent to doing such a thing on camera?  I’m just totally going to excuse the fact that a 14 year old girl was engaging in a adult act because apparently that’s what teens do these days.  

  I can’t help but wonder how, where she managed to learn to perform the act so visciously at such a young age.. I mean geesh when did she start, at age 12? The chick is a pro already.

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Media outlets are saying leave Amber alone and blah, blah, blah..

What Amber Cole consented to was a desperate act she thought would win back her ex-boyfriend, who also happened to be her first love. This was an emotionally starved, emotionally lost young lady whose self-esteem had been so severely damaged that she thought this was the only way for her to win back someone she loved. via the

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She  is feeling really low right now. I don’t feel sorry for her at all..  She WILLINGLY was recorded.

We all have done our dirt and we all know not to do our dirt on camera.. That is common sense.  

To make it even worse, the girl is on the ground on her knees in her lil stretch pants and sketchers.  Not even worried about getting her clothes dirty. That child is hot, ready and ripe for a pimp to come and snatch her up.  She could not possibly have a father at home.  Poor child has not a ounce of respect for herself.  

People are not teasing Amber because she was caught sucking d#ck. People are teasing Amber because she was caught sucking d@ck in a pair of sketchers.  And it was done on school grounds, on camera while being watched by other boys..

Now we are supposed to feel bad for her because now the whole world see’s it.. NOPE.  I have more sympathy for Draya Michele.. 

These hoez be winning People want to feel sorry for her.  No one wants to teach consequences and taking responsiblity for your own actions anymore.

Can you imagine being this girl’s mother???  Oh wee… The disgust! 

 I hope some of you women taking up for her don’t have daughters… Your daughters will grow up being lil hoes who think noobdy is going to judge them for doing hoe sh@t. You DON’T DO HOE SH@T ON CAMERA.. DUH!!! I’m a grown azz woman and you couldn’t pay me to suck dik on camera let alone do it for free for the sake of my heart…

Teen Boys in Amber Cole case arrested  

Not even us hopeless romantics would do that. When I was 14 I wasn’t having sex and any dirt i did was done in secret, not out on school grounds with people watching me with a camera phone out.. STOP IT. You adults who are taking up for this chick will be raising some irresponsible daughters.. I wish I would have a daughter do some ole trifling ish like this and cry about it..

Darn shame… What are your thoughts?

Thanks Bridget

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These boys have made a Amber Cole Song already… I was in tears listening to it.

Don’t bother getting mad at me.. Like I always say. Pac said “I just live in this world, I didn’t make it. Same thing with the news. I don’t make the news. I just report it in my own special way.   ACTUAL VIDEO