Atlanta woman wrongly imprisoned for 53 days because of name mix-up

Atlanta does not care about black people!

An Atlanta woman says she was mistakenly imprisoned for 53 days because police confused her for someone else with the same first name.

Teresa Culpepper says she called police to report that her truck had been stolen in August. But when they showed up at her home, they arrested her for aggravated assault committed by another Teresa.

“All she has is the same first name. The only descriptions that match are ‘Teresa’ and ‘black female,'” Culpepper’s attorney, Ashleigh Merchant told The Lookout. Culpepper, who is 47, didn’t have the same address, birth date, height, or weight as the Teresa who was supposed to be arrested.

Merchant says Culpepper, who was legitimately convicted of a misdemeanor in the 90s but otherwise has no criminal record, lives in a rough neighborhood where police are frequently on patrol. She and her family were unable to post the $12,000 bond to get her out of jail, so she wasn’t released until her public defender found the victim of the assault and brought him to the court to say Culpepper was not the “Teresa” he had accused.

“I just don’t think in another side of town this would have ever happened,” Merchant says. She says the city must settle with Culpepper or face a lawsuit, and added that the police department is investigating the incident.

“I didn’t know what to do,  “I didn’t know how to get out this situation.”

You can watch Culpepper tell her story in the video below.

This is far from funny, but why did she have to get on camera with the same corn rows she had while she was in jail.. I would of had to fix my hair first.. And why is the real Teresa DUMB enough to talk to the news and say that she is GUILTY but she doesn’t think she should be arrested because of extenuating circumstances.. SMH… Comedy..

And the white newscaster is worried about some darn tax payer money…. I’m so done with this report.

source: YAHOO