Draya Michele Poses Topless For Breast Cancer

>In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, breakout Basketball Star  Draya Howard, better known as Draya Michele put her boob job to good use by posing topless in support of the cause that claims many lives each year.

This would be the first positive press the  reality star has received since coming onto the basketball wives scene.

Usually whenever Draya’s name comes up outside of my blog someone is writing something negative about the young lady with the certified hustle.

Draya says she wanted to bring awareness to all women and young women especially. “It’s important that we as women get mammogram exams when necessary…and I’m happy to promote that message” says Draya. The NBCAM celebrates 25 years of Awareness, Education and Empowerment.

This would not be the first time Draya has posted topless.  Matter of fact there are a few topless photos of Draya in the gallery above.

However this is the first time that Draya is posing topless for a good cause.   Draya did something positive with her  boobies and she did not get paid for it. 

I’ll drink to that and I’m sure Draya’s haters certainly have a greater amount of respect for her for taking her top off for free instead of taking it off to get paid and pay some bills…  O_O

Glad Laura didn’t pop Draya’s boobs when they were fighting.

Thanks Prima Donna