Images From the TuPac S-e-x Tape

Very grainy, cut off images 🙁 from the Tupac s-e-x tape have been released.. I’m not going to turn this into a super post.. Just going to leave you with the photos and keep it moving..

I just don’t understand why the release of the photos. I mean I’m sure we all believe the tape exists..  Is this like a tease or something?? I mean of course we all want to see the video.. But it’s not like any of us will pay to see it..  I can not wait to see who buys the tape and for how much. 

It’s not like people really want to see pac getting it in.. People just want to see Pac happy and living again.. 


TMZ saw the tape and says:
Tupac received oral sex from a mystery woman back in 1991 … and it was all caught on tape. The 5-minute video shows Tupac in a living room, holding a cocktail in one hand and a blunt in another.
An unreleased Tupac song is playing in the background, as the rapper sings along, wiggling his hips — all the while getting serviced by the woman.
At one point, Money B from Digital Underground walks into frame, and Tupac puts his cocktail arm around him as the two gab away.