Keri Hilson Attacked By A Fan [VIDEO]

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keri-hilson-attackedAn excited fan jumped from the 2nd floor balcony at a recent Keri Hilson concert. As Keri was performing her last song of the night the crazed fan made his way to the stage.

Keri had to be afraid and worried about what this guy was about to do to her.

But the guy was harmless. He simply wanted to embrace Miss Keri Baby with a kiss and a hug.

Security guards were a little slow to respond.  When a fan tried to come on stage at a Lil Wayne concert he was demolished on sight.  They slammed the mess out of him. He was not able to get anywhere near Lil Wayne. Keri’s fan got off easy. 

Keri was not turned off by the incident, although the fan did not come correct in his approach.  She tweeted a shout out to the concert goer and said that she did not appreciate the way he was handled (yeah right) and that she loves her fans.  The poor thing couldn’t help himself  after watching Keri do all of those raunchy moves on stage.. he just had to get a piece of her. 

Watch The Video of the Attack Transpiring (right after Beyonce’s promo)