[VIDEO] Amber Cole’s Father Says She Didn’t Know She Was Being Recorded

amber-coleOk.. I have had just about enough of this Amber Cole chick.

The lil young Super Head had no business on her knees in her lil stretch pants and sketchers giving dome in front of other people.

We all wanted to know what her father had to say. Well now we get to hear it. 

She was forced to do this, she was bullied, harassed into doing this. The one that videotaped it, I hope he’s incarcerated. I’m hoping he gets some serious time out of this. It hurts a lot of people– not just her, not just her reputation– but also her family.”

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She had better be glad she wasn’t raised by my grandma..

It’s apparent that Amber Cole is a product of her upbringing. Her parents condone what she did and place all the blame on the boys.. Ugh, this is the last time I’m posting about this lil young, hot, heifer.. Yeah, I said it!

P.S. I saw the video, she looked right at the darn camera…