[VIDEO] CNN’s Not My Life Series on Child Slavery

not-my-life-cnnOver the weekend CNN International aired a two-part series about human-traffickers in Africa, Europe, North and South America, and Asia called Not My Life.

The good news in this otherwise sad tale is that it tells the story of anti-trackers, who are dedicated to putting those who prey on the vulnerable out of business.

I am always amazed at what humans manage to do to one another. It seems that some people are missing the fundamental thing that makes you human. Compassion for fellow mankind. 

I find myself often asking God why do people like this exist. I don’t understand the purpose of their existence.

The slave traffickers are one thing, but then you have the men who are buying these young girls.. So many people missing a heart. Maybe scientists should study evil people and pedophiles brains and lock them away before they can even grow up to violate someone.

Not only do things like this happen overseas but it also happens right in this country.  The United States could choose to fight so many wars and crimes but they choose to invade countries for gold and oil.



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