[VIDEO] L.A. Reid Finds The Next Jay Z on X Factor :: Brian Bradley “Give Me 5 Years. I’ll Be Better Than Jay Z”

Brian-Bradley-X-FactorReading stories you realize that things around you are changing. No one is sitting back and waiting anymore. Everyone is reaching for their dreams.

From Youtube to the television screen. October of 2010 Brian Bradley, a young aspiring rapper from Brooklyn released a video revealing his frustration with men eyeballing and flirting with his mother. Days after hitting the web his song, entitled “Stop Looking at My Mom”, became a viral youtube sensation.

This week on The X-Factor, the 14-year-old Bradley hit the stage with hopes of wowing the celebrity judge panel with his original song and winning a chance to compete for the record deal of a lifetime.

He received four yes’. L.A. Reid who is on the panel of judges gave his stamp of approval: 

“Wow. Wow. I used to run this label called def jam, all the years I was there, i was looking for you and you never walked in,’ said Reid. “I’m the luckiest guy in the world that you walked into my life today.”


Since the show aired Brian’s mom says guys won’t stop hitting on her. Will be interesting to see how far this young man goes.