[VIDEO] Politician Katarzyna Lenart in Hot Water Over Strip video


Katarzyna Lenart, a political science major sits in a chair and begins to strip tease

Warsaw, Poland – A 23-year-old student who is running for a seat on Poland’s parliament in Poland has upset her party over a vote-seeking Internet striptease. 

In her 40-second ad posted on YouTube, candidate Katarzyna Lenart sits in a chair caressing her hair while sexy background music plays, and then proceeds to strip.

As she takes off her bra, the word “Censored” flashes across the screen, followed by the slogan “Want more? Vote SLD. Only we can do more”.

Political science student Lenart, who is on the SLD’s slate in the southeastern city of Lublin, had more than 122,000 views on YouTube by Thursday. The other politicians feel like she has taken it too far and these racy ads should be banned. 

Defending herself, she said that she decided to make the ad to raise attention after a previous run of the mill broadcast failed to spark interest.

“I thought it was time to cause a stir,” she said. “My campaign targets young people, and young people are only interested in controversial stuff, unfortunately,” she told Gazeta Wyborcza.

“I don’t think it was vulgar or obscene. You can hardly see anything,” she added, not that it had taken guts to strip.

That is one very attractive politician.. She has my vote..  But,  they obviously don’t give Lying 101 courses in Political Science in Poland. In order to be a great politician one must bring their lying skills up to par.

What she should of done is put a pink breast cancer ribbon in the corner of the video and state that one of her main focus’ once she was in office is to find a cure for breast cancer, and that is why she did such a racey add in order to bring light to the cause..

Easy lie.. She’s beautiful but I’m afraid a bit too honest to be a politician.. If she was in the US she would be laughed at.. People are very sexy over here but female politicians must look like Sarah Palin or worse..

Nonetheless the idea itself was genius.. I mean how else would we manage to hear or care about Russian Politics. If Kartazyna does not get the seat, I’m sure there will be a lot of “mature” CEO’s calling her in for a “position.”