Beyonce Live At Roseland – Full DVD [VIDEO]

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A vibrant mother to be, Beyonce showed off her expanding baby bump Saturday Night at the Paris Theatre in New York City for the premiere of her “Live At Roseland” DVD.

The DVD features Beyonce’s performance from August at the Roseland Ballroom for four nights. The tickets sold out in a record 22 seconds.

She also treated fans who were unable to see her perform at the live concert to a look inside the show through her Youtube/VEVO channel.  The singer did not just tease but has put the entire “Beyonce: Live At Roseland” concert on the video channel.

Just in time for Christmas the DVD will also  be available at Wal-mart on November 21st.

The DVD spans songs which is only a few years short of covering Beyonce’s entire life. It’s a very intimate look into one of th biggest stars to grace this earth.  Usually a very private person Beyonce  takes your on a magical journey of her career. From her days of Destiny’s Child to her current iconic status. She even gives you some footage of everything in between.

Throughout the performances, she includes never before seen footage from her personal archives, including her wedding day, Her former group Girls Tyme rehearsing for Star Search before they lost, and meeting a blind fan backstage at the Grammy’s.

The DVD begins with a glimpse of Life through Beyonce’s eyes as she wakes up next to Jay-z in possibly a hotel room, glimpses of concerts and shoots, the IV on her ring finger, accompanied by her voiceover:


“My Life goes by so fast. I was so busy thinking about the next shoot, the next video, the next single, the next tour that I couldn’t really reflect on the impact I was having on other human beings. My idea of success has completely changed. Whatever I do, it has to be something that is going to teach me about myself and something about life.”

Loving husband Jay Z walks around the bed to let the sunlight in and the show begins!

Watch Beyonce Live At Roseland (Full Show)