Beyonce Reveals Her Real Due Date in New Intimate Behind The Scenes Footage

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Beyonce-daily-newsDespite all of the controversy surrounding her pregnancy the singer Beyonce continues to give her fans a very close look into her life.

Beyonce’s recent round of video reveals, may be some of the most intimate archive of footage released by any R&B star.

In this set of videos Beyonce reveals her due date is near which from my calculations it’s looking like it may be sometime in December and not February as the tabloids and media outlets have suggested.

There is a very loving, fun/playful, charasmatic sweet side to the international superstar. The anticipation of having her first baby with her husband Jay Z has cast a very beautiful glow on the “Countdown” singer.

While some critics may say that Beyonce is attention whoring she subtly reveals that what she is actually doing is chronicling her pregnancy and joy through her music so that she and her husband Jay Z and their child will be able to look back over this time period in years to come.

Check out the behind the scenes videos she recently dropped.

‘Oh Baby!’

“Countdown’ which was shot back in September ‘is not about falling in love’ nor is it about longing for love, its about having it. Since the album came out my life has changed so much. My husband and I are expecting a child. Its great to be able to relive moments of our relationship through music. Countdown is one of those song”. 

She explains in the video ‘Countdown’

Behind The Scenes Of ‘Best I Never Had’ About a Prom She Never Had

Beyonce is loving every minute of it! Now if Snickers Candy could just get Beyonce to do a commerical for them..  Or someone catching her on camera smashing a Big Mac.