Dear Jerry Sandusky: Please Take 12 Sleeping Pills and Call Me In The Morning

This Penn State/Jerry Sandusky case has been bothering me all week. The sickening feeling in my stomach was worsened after Paterno was fired over it. I too initially felt the sting and feelings of empathy and sorrow for Joe Paterno. He is a 84 year old man who just had his legacy ruined by someone else’s nasty deeds.  I read the entire 23 page Grand Jury Report the details everything in the case and what Jerry Sandusky was doing to those kids..

A grad student saw Sandusky anally raping a 10 year old boy in the showers at Penn State. He called his father. His father called Paterno. Paterno passed the ball and told his two superiors. His two superiors took Sandusky’s locker room keys and told him he was no longer allowed to bring “Second Mile” kids on campus with him. A rule that was completely unenforeable according to the Grand Jury Report..

Now, I put myself in Paterno’s shoes and tried to consider his long time friendship with Sandusky. I tried to imagine the thoughts of a senior citizen worrying about ruining someone’s life.  And you know what. At the end of the day your feelings for the kids are going to take presedence..  I’m an adult and I still don’t want to be anally violated. It hurts. Can you imagine this pain at 10 years old?? Empathy takes over. I mean it does in us human “normal” people who don’t want to see any child hurt.  Paterno failed. If he was still able to coach college football he was still able to make a rational decision and refuse to work with Sandusky anymore.

Sandusky was supposed to be next up to be head coach and take Paterno’s place. But after the rape of the child they simply forced him into retirement and allowed him full access to the Penn State facilities. It was a complete coverup.


Students view a mural at Penn State which has had Sandusky removed from it and replaced with a purple ribbon in memory of victims of child abuse.

This cover up has lead a few black bloggers to believe that the children Sandusky were molesting were black and impoverished and that is the reason why no one cared.    The identities of the children are well hidden so we don’t know that. In the Grand Jury Report it says that the kids would shower with Sandusky and go home with wet hair. Little black boys the majority of the time don’t have hair. They have bald fades.. Either way race is not important. What’s more important is that people continue to have kids in poverty and look to those who are well off to give their kids what they can not..  This has made me understand why my grandmother would not allow us to be around too many adults and accepts gifts from them. If she couldn’t give it to us the majority of the time she would say we just could not have it.. She protected us from potential predators. It also reminds me of this man named Skip Robinson, who works for the Milwaukee Bucks now. He used to buy us poor project kids all types of stuff. NEVER once would he be in weird places all alone with us. He truly did nice things for us poor kids and he was not a molester. He also never spent alone time with us or did inappropriate things to us. So good people do exist, but Sandusky was not one of those people.

Had these kids been kids of wealthy parents he would not had this type of access to them. The kids wouldn’t have been spending the night in the basement of Sandusky’s house.  They wouldnt’ have been allowed to sleep in his hotel room and travel with him.  He couldn’t give poor kids shoes, clothes and take them to NFL games in exchange for molesting them.   I’m not going to go deep in to this but people should really understand what they are exposing their poor kids to when they allow unmonitored access to their kids.  Jerry Sandusky is a monster. It’s not possible that these type of people could be normal like us.  They have to be missing the empathy that makes us human. Even if you are perverted and turned on by a child is there nothing in you that says you must not do this because it will hurt the child?? These people are missing several things..

If I were wealthy I would rent a good year blimp and fly back and forth over Sandusky’s House with the words. “Kill Ya Self Sandusky”. But I’m not so instead I wrote this blog to get this off of my chest.  I’ve never said anything like this before, but I truly wish Sandusky would take 12 sleeping pills and drink a bottle of liquor and lay down.  At this point I would really appreciate that. Do the right thing.

If Sandusky actually sticks around long enough to go to trial then I really know something is really wrong with him.  You know what they do to people like him in prison??  Sandusky it’s over for you. I already entered “Jerry Sandusky suicide” as a tag.

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