Mashonda Tries to Hype Up Her Tell All Book on Twitter

MashondaSwizz Beatz ex wife Mashonda just will not let up about having her man taken from her by Alicia Keys. She is penning a memoir/tell all book and claims that the book already has some haters who are trying to stop it from going to press. (um humn)

It would be easy to say nobody cares, but truthfully people do care. But only because Alicia Keys is involved. Rather the book is for sale or I find it online for free I’m not reading it. In my eyes the relationship is done and over and Mashonda needs to move on.  

Some one give her a reality show called “Mashonda Finds A New Man” or something. This woman’s whole life revolves around a rich man that dumped her.  There are plenty of Shamanicka’s who were dumped by their babies daddy Pookie and were left with nothing to show for it. Mashonda is caked up and needs to buy herself some heart healing pills or some heart warming cock. 

Will you be reading this tell all book?