Mc Lyte Gives Nicki Minaj Props By Calling Her a “Smart Business Woman” [VIDEO]

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In a genre where none of the female MC’s get along and even less are quick to give props to the next chick it’s nice to see that retired rapper MC Lyte does just the opposite.


At  a recent speaking engagement at Millersville University in Pennsylvania legendary rapper MC Lyte took the opportunity to give credit where credit is due. She unexpectedly spoke high praises of  the “Pink Friday” rapper Nicki Minaj.

“She is a smart business woman. Creatively she is a mesh of sweet tea, of MC Lyte, of Salt N Pepa, of Eve, of Kim, of Foxy, of everyone that has existed before. And we all have followed the steps of such great female MCs. There’s no way that I can say that I wasn’t influenced by Salt N Pepa.”

Contrary to rapper Lil Kim constantly stating that Nicki does not pay homage MC Lyte thinks just the opposite:

“And She gives homage. She’s says she’s been influenced by the female MCs but she’s also been influenced by a certain genre of music that many of us love but never had the guts to put it as a part of our music and that’s pop culture.”

Nicki much appreciated the warm words and tweeted off a thank you to MC Lyte.

“@MClyte thanks for the kind words sis.”

While Mc Lyte states that Nicki Minaj is a sweet tea of every rapper that came before her, one can not deny that the tea is potently sweetened with a Splenda called Lil Kim.  Nicki Minaj is bascially a Little Kim with a nitro engine.  She has the veteran Cash Money machine behind her and while Lil Kim forgot to grab some booty while she was getting all of her surgeries Nicki did not forget to make that part of her package.  Quite frankly Nicki Minaj is everything a female rapper wants to be. But one can not deny she had to have great business skills to get her there.

On another note: It’s about time someone just came out and said Nicki Minaj is the sh@t. Too many people are too quick to dismiss people and put them down just because they don’t agree with everything a person does. No matter who a person is they are still just a person who had a dream. People should show more respect for people who put the time, effort and grind in to make their dreams come true. More importantly we all can’t be the same. Someone has to be different.