Young Jeezy Makes His Jump To The Big Screen “A Hustlaz Ambition Trailer”

Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy premiered his documentary movie ” A Hustlaz Ambition” at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York last night.  According to the few people who were at the premiere it is a fairly good documentary and a must see look into the journey of Jeezy from a boy to a man , from a hustler to a rapper, from the streets to the executive suites.

Growing up in Atlanta the documentary shows you how Jeezy continues to Put On for his city.

Young Jeezy presented to a packed house in New York. But is it just me or are all the ninjas in the front row going bald?

Via Global Grind: 

We go on a ride with Jeezy from birth, to “trapping” in the streets of Atlanta at about the age of 12, to making the transition into an artist that would be sought after by all major record labels you can think of, eventually signing to Def Jam.

The documentary is narrated by the always charismatic Samuel L. Jackson, with guest appearances from Jay-ZRihannaDiddy and L.A Reid, who shed light on their interactions with him.

“He has an opportunity to walk through the streets. Be that ghetto superstar, but also be the leader we need him to be,” says Diddy.

You get a closer look at Jeezy’s struggles throughout his career, including a battle with the rare condition Bell’s Palsy that prohibits face muscles movement and didn’t allow the ghetto superstar to speak, endangering his career.

We also find out because of mandatory rest from vocal chord surgery, Jeezy couldn’t make it to a performance with Gucci Mane for their song “So Icy,” which later spurred beef between the two.

The film is definitely worth the watch, full of ups and downs, but a steady pattern of Jeezy’s continuous triumph, determination and wisdom. Jeezy makes it clear that he is never satisfied and it’s obvious why he’s so lovable and continues to be the people’s champ!

The documentary will be included in the deluxe edition of his album TM 103: A Hustlaz Ambition, releasing December 20th.

Check out the trailer below!